About Me

I’ve been working for 15+ years game and software industry. I worked on casual-midcore projects and led them.

Career Past

My skills and experiences; 

  • Multiplayer games (Fast-paced Realtime and Turn Based)
  • Strong MVC and OOP code design
  • Cross-platform (Mobile, web)
  • Casual to mid-core game architecture design
  • Client hosted architecture for multiplayer games
  • Full stack development, using Unity and Firebase services
  • Web network and advanced lag compensation techniques
  • Many 2D and less 3D game play and GUI  implementation
  • Strong game product experience, from idea to production
  • AI (ex: Soccer team and players) with levels
  • Technical decision maker
  • Leadership, problem solver, out of the box thinker, self-motivator

Techs such as;

  • Unity3D 
  • C#, Java, TypeScript, ActionScript
  • Google Firebase
  • Photon Cloud, SmartFox Server, NodeJS
  • Large range of tools and SDKs
  • Flash


  • Gazi University – Computer Programming
  • Macka ATL – Computer Programming

Suat Sahin