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The Presentation about ‘Football X’ Technical Challenges

If you are curious about how an online multiplayer casual is made, here is my presentation about the technical challenges of ‘Football X’.

Football-X Released for both Android & IOS

We finally released Football-X.

Football-X online real-time multiplayer football game that we are working on for quite a while. Now you can try it out!

I’m the design creator and developer of the “Football X” online multiplayer football game, responsible for developing both client and backend software.

Tech Stack

* Unity 3D

* C#

* NodeJS

* TypeScript

* Firebase 

* Redis


* Google Cloud

* Photon Realtime

* Many SDKs & Libraries

* And more

We were in GameDaily Connect, Los Angeles

We were invited to exhibit Football-X in Los Angeles, we got great feedbacks and contacts from global game companies and publishers. Football-X multiplayer mobile arcade football game we are developing quite for awhile now.

Gaming Istanbul Indie Interview

We attended the Gaming Istanbul Exhibition. You can watch my Interview about our new game currently in development.